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The CMT - SR2000N is a full automatic system to measure sheet resistance and resistivity to silicon wafer. This system can be operated by itself, and perfect remote control is available using PC and exclusive software and it gives various data analyses.








RBN distributes and supplies quality products manufactured in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, USA
and Europe. We specialize in Metrology & Inspection Equipment, Process Etch & Thin Film Deposition Equipment, Specialty Materials & Chemicals, FA & QRA Lab Solutions as well as
Parts and Repair Services.

Featured Products

Syst Integration Pte. Ltd.

Supplies Sputtering targets, Evaporation material, Crucibles, Hotplate systems and UT Stepper Equipment Parts & Service.

Oxford Instruments – X-Strata980

Analyze trace elements and coating thickness. Measure the thickness and/or composition of plating, coatings and films containing elements from S through U. Combining high power X-ray and high resolution detector, the X-Strata980 X-ray fluorescence analyzer delivers limits of detection in single ppms.



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